The Luxury Makers offers several services, all within the luxury lifestyle management and luxury marketing / business development industries. Kindly find our main services stated below, categorized under two sections: lifestyle management and corporate services.

Lifestyle Management Services:

Private Aviation:

The Luxury Makers holds the agency of Diamonte Jets, and provides through it luxury private aviation for individuals and governments. Diamonte’s choice of jets is always luxurious, and only relies on new planes that are 6 years old at most. Diamonte flies to over 40 000 airports in the world and owns a portfolio of worldwide celebrities, governments and businessmen.

Find out more about our luxurious private jetting service HERE.

Lifestyle Management & High Styling:

Lifestyle management and high styling for the HNWI is a service run by The Luxury Makers encompassing many sub-services, of which we name: luxury rentals in jet set locations, high end bookings, personal styling, private shopping, private luxury acquisitions (including luxury real estate), private events’ management, high end jet set events’ access, customization of luxury goods, private brands’ accesses, private labeling, and supercars’ consultancy.

To find out more about our lifestyle management & high styling services, you can read more HERE.

Business Image & High PR:

This service of The Luxury Makers is strictly aimed at helping businessmen / businesswomen and diplomats become public and boost their public image as well as their businesses or missions through their persona. We handle everything ranging from personal image, to all outstanding media and events, passing by public profile management and high PR.

To find out more about our business image, high business exposure and high PR for business persons, read more HERE.

Fame Management:

The Luxury Makers helps socialites, celebrities and influencers put their best foot forward in the public eye by managing all aspects of their fame and exposure as well as high PR.

For more about our fame management services, read more HERE.


Corporate Services:

International Affairs, Representation, Negotiations, and Business Mediation:

The Luxury Makers didn’t account for this line of business in the early days, but due to high PR, government requests started going through the company. These requests cover: Trade arrangements and delegations, negotiations, and representation of client businesses in negotiations or events..

To find out more about this private line of business, please go HERE.

Event Management:

The Luxury Makers works with top event managers to create or co-create events of different nature ranging from private parties to high end branded events. Under our belt in this respect are high brands like Ferrari and international DJs and celebrities’ commercial parties. Our access to premium worldwide celebrities and premium luxuries for private parties is also a part of this business line.

Our event management line of business is fully explained HERE.

Media Distribution:

The media distribution arm of The Luxury Makers is handled by our partners in Dubai and covers global and regional high media exposure by sending the news to over 5000+ worldwide channels (including premium channels) per shot / overnight.

Find out more about our premium global media distribution service by clicking HERE.

Marketing, PR and Media Management:

The Luxury Makers provides niche marketing for brands; especially those working with luxury goods or services. Everything within this realm is handled differently to appeal to the HNWI. Our model of luxury marketing is a balance of content making, high end PR, tight targeting and direct luxury business development.

High end PR is catered to by The Luxury Makers through a model of private PR shots and private targeting that allows brands to target their clients directly no frills or add-ons.

When it comes to the media management service by The Luxury Makers; it is aimed towards brands and governments by combining the powers of media distribution and re-imaging. Plans are crafted to boost the brand or institution on all levels through exposure and connections. The Luxury Makers handles all aspects of communications for the relevant client, regionally.

Read more about our luxury marketing, PR and media management services HERE.

Luxury Content Production:

Communication is our strongest asset at The Luxury Makers, this is why we provide high end branding, communication handling, as well as content production for individuals, private publications, corporate entities, and written media channels.

To learn more about our luxury content production service, read more HERE.

Business Management Consultancy:

The Luxury Makers by legal rights, can and does manage other enterprises in the luxury industry and provides managerial consultancy for these enterprises. In this respect, we provide external services and consult on the management of the enterprise overall through planning and sometimes even execution. In this same respect, we provide elaborate marketing and business development plans that directly help businesses reach their target clients. Upon request, we provide level 5 detailed plans that can be fully executed in-house as well.

Find out more about our consultancy services HERE.


All lines of business held by The Luxury Makers, are aimed at providing HNWI, luxury clients and corporate clients with the highest standards of luxury services. 

Some services are provided through contracted agencies, as well as contracted consultants who had been chosen based on merit and industry reputation; while others are completely supplied in-house.

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