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Meet the founder…

“Patricia Issa” is a lady of an extremely diversified background, and an even more diversified career. Coming from a family tradition of real estate, she got her undergraduate degree in Business Finance with a minor in Public Policy, from the American University of Beirut; and her master in International Affairs from the Lebanese American University.

As magazine editor/partner and social media executive as her very first jobs, Patricia discovered her passion for luxuries, lifestyle management, marketing, high styling, and storytelling early in life. Since then, everything she did, from being a lifestyle influencer in her own right, to the chief creative consultant of a French multinational, passing by regional fashion editor, regional PR director, marketing director and independent luxury marketing consultant over several projects; directed her one way or another to opening her own small luxury business.

Besides everything luxury services, lifestyle management, luxury acquisition, niche marketing and high end business development; Patricia is an avid reader of history and international politics, a business and motivational writer/speaker, a lover of the arts and beautiful architecture, a staunch supporter of science, a fashion addict, and a luxury lifestyle lover.

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