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Our aim is to provide our individual clients with the highest standards of luxury & lifestyle management services; and our corporate clients with the most targeted niche strategies to target their high end clients.

-Meet the founders- 

luxury consultancy middle east

Who We Are?

The Luxury Makers is an agency that was born out of a deep love for everything luxurious. From high luxury and lifestyle management services, to niche marketing … The agency’s focus is on one strand of high end offerings.

“The Luxury Makers” provides both personal and corporate services.

Our work with individuals focuses on providing them with the highest luxuries (like private aviation, private villas in jet set locations, exclusive purchases and private accesses), recreating their public image, restyling their fashion sense, upgrading their lifestyle choices, guiding their luxury purchases, and managing their personal PR, fame, digital portfolio, and personal events.

Our work with corporations focuses on creating long term and state of the art business development tracks, and luxury marketing strategies encompassing image crafting, creative marketing, digital marketing, database based marketing strategies, public relations, media, influence, and event management. Some of our most important business offerings are our HNWIs targeting strategies.

All our projects are lead in a luxurious spirit and within the confines of the highest professional standards; all while respecting each client’s identity and values.

-Some of our work with HNWI is private and protected with NDA-

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luxury consultancy middle east