Luxury Event Management

Nothing speaks volumes of luxury, the way well-done luxury events do. Yet, we’re in a market where there’s a lack of original ideas, and where luxury event planners tend to copy and recycle the very same ideas for branded, commercial and private events.

At The Luxury Makers, we think out of the box, our luxury event management process dedicates a long time for conceptualizing an event before sending it to execution, because we believe in putting forward original and picturesque events to be remembered. Moreover, we work closely with our clients to make sure their identity and vision is perfectly reflected in their events the way they’ve dreamed it!!

Our luxury event management services cover the following:
luxury event design middle east
1- Designing and executing high end private events, and brand events:

The Luxury Makers designs high end private events, starting off from new and unused concepts to end up with a truly original experience that’s worth the pictures and the memories.

Our branded events are true to each brand’s identity, and centered around reflecting this identity creatively. We work closely with the brand’s management team to make sure every aspect of the event comes off as envisioned to create the needed marketing / PR impact.

2- Uplifting existing events / seasonal events:

Under this service, The Luxury Makers works hand in hand with seasonal / yearly events’ organizers to help them uplift their event, spice it up, and add a creative touch and a layer of luxury to it. We break molds, reshuffle and recreate existing events to give them a renewed “first time” effect; through adding special activations, creative decor elements and customized animations.

3- Offering independent event consultancy:

Some of our clients enjoy managing their own events, yet still need some of our services in different areas where they might need the extra expertise, connections or creativity; this is why we offer independent event consultancy spanning several services such as event conceptualization, design, planning, checklists, PR and supply management. In such a case, The Luxury Makers functions as a third party consultant to the client and event.

Get in touch through our official email or our Contact Us page HERE, to plan your next luxurious event!

The Luxury Makers
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