High End Media Exposure – Distribution to World Premium Media Hubs

A lot of a business or a business person’s local, regional and international success depends on how much targeted exposure they have. At the same time, modern media -specifically digital media- tends to be very selective with coverage.

The Luxury Makers can be a game changer for you in this area! Ever thought of waking up to find your story told in the most coveted media outlets of the Middle East and world?

If you are a business, a business person or a public figure looking forward to become world renowned, or a socialite / influencer who is planning for the same; “The Luxury Makers” puts at your disposal a high end media distribution service that is incomparable in the market in terms of quantity and quality of coverage.

Our reach in terms of media covers internationally recognized media outlets that are rarely accessible; such as: Fox News, CBS, CNBC, NBC (and their regional equivalents r in the Middle East). In effect, we have the ability to provide coverage in hundreds of premium media outlets across the globe within days of distribution. These high end media projects provide both regional and global coverage.

Our premium media distribution service reaches thousands of outlets, unlike most of the media distribution services on the market. We also provide follow up reports and help you reinvest the exposure in generating even more prestige and exposure.

But how do we do it exactly?

-First, we help you create the news or story professionally, or edit your existing story for maximum efficiency: Catchy titles, luxurious graphics, and interesting (media friendly) storytelling.

(The story can be in English for international exposure, and Arabic for regional exposure.)

-Then, our partners in Dubai establish the media connections through their premium media distribution access.

-Last, within a few days, we get back to you with a report of the regional and international coverage. We also provide recommendations on how to reinvest this exposure for maximum return on investment.

(Please keep in mind that the prominence of the news, the quality of the editorial, or the person highlighted, directly affects the quality and quantity of media outlets accessed).

Get in touch with us through our official email mngt@theluxurymakers.com or Contact Us page to inquire about this service.

The Luxury Makers
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