SERVICE: Fame Building and Management for Influencers and Socialites

It is the age of social media and digital fame, where having a successful website, superior content, and  popular social media channels along with a recognized social presence means not only public success, but also a huge return on investment. This is the success story of every international influencer and socialite who became the exclusive spokesperson of one or more luxury brands and cashed in big on brand representation. However, the competition had become very fierce and coming in to this market today means facing all those who started as early as 2009, as well as competing with channels with millions of followers, over the attention and lucrative collaborations with high brands.

We won’t be long about this industry, because if you’re here, it means you know how hard it is and understand all it takes to make it as an influencer or a recognized influential socialite, and to cash in this social and digital presence.

Instead, let us tell you what can we do for you here at “The Luxury Makers” to help you making it quick as an influencer or become a digital socialite:
-PR Management:

We directly connect you to key PR agencies and accounts in the Middle East, especially Lebanon and the GCC (UAE [both Dubai and Abu Dhabi], Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Oman). So instead of having to wait until your name and content reaches those agencies handling the biggest brands; we will cut the chase for you by hooking you straight with the brands.

-Brand Exposure:

Do you know what it takes to get big brands to notice you and decide to work with you? Well, we do! We will help you develop a content plan and a few smart online moves that will get brands to notice you and take note of your content.

-Personal Branding:

Planning for an introduction to the luxury industry as a high end influencer? You might then need a new image. In this case, we are willing to work with you to develop your personal branding in order to attract the highest end collaborations and come off as luxurious and professional as possible.

These are our top services for influencers, and the ones that are most likely to produce the fastest results for them. We also provide minor services, like fast social media growth and content management upon particular demand.

If you are an aspiring influencer or socialite who’s willing to work your way up, drop us a line at or visit our Contact Us page.

The Luxury Makers

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